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Here to help you with all things rolling & packing. Our Electric Grinder, Rolling Tube, Kit, and Cones work together for the perfect rolling experience.




What cones work with the Ez-Roll Tube?

Our Recommendation is to use the Raw 1-1/4'' Cones. Here's the link: https://ezrollofficial.com/products/raw-20-pack-cones-1-1-4

What is the expected delivery time?

Our delivery time usually ranges from 4 to 7 days. Since we are based in New York, the actual delivery duration may vary depending on your location, potentially being quicker or slower.

What are the benefits to EZ-Roll?

The EZ-Roll is user-friendly and versatile, ideal for anyone. It's especially helpful for those with hand control challenges, like arthritis or Tourette's Syndrome. Its portable design allows for easy, mess-free use anywhere.

How do you use the EZ-Roll?

We have step by step instructions on the website. Please view: https://ezrollofficial.com/products/ez